<aside> ©️ CREATE


Registered http://elf.tech/ creators can upload pre-recorded acapellas (or record their own set of fresh vocals) to be transformed into a GrimesAI-1 voiceprint.

Users will receive the transformed Grimes AI -1 voiceprint back in a WAV file. They can incorporate these GrimesAI-1 vocals in the creation of new sound recordings.

Creators will own these new recordings. GrimesAI-1 does not claim any ownership of the sound recording or the underlying composition (unless that composition is a cover of a Grimes song).

<aside> 📡 DISTRIBUTE


Songs can be uploaded for distribution to DSPs ( via http://elf.tech for $9.99/year. For artists looking to release a sound recording featuring a GrimesAI-1 vocal on a label, distributor, or platform that is not http://elf.tech, please email [email protected] to request approval and to receive a license for distribution before you begin the process.

Creators who use GrimesAI-1 voiceprint in their recordings agree to share an equal % of the master recording royalties distributed on streaming services, onchain marketplaces (primary and secondary sales) and other DSPs using GrimesAI-1.

For digital streaming platforms, royalties will be collected from all DSP and paid out by elf.tech. For on-chain sales and royalties creators agree to add the GrimesAI.eth wallet to the collection when minting.

Creators must have the legal right to all elements of their distributed recording with the exception of the GrimesAI-1 voiceprint. Neither Grimes nor CreateSafe, Inc. are legally liable for creators that upload elements that do not belong to them.